Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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So, as a “newbie” photographer, I don’t know a whole lot of other people in the industry just yet (at least not locally) but I do have a bunch of amazing photographers that I stalk (ummm…I mean…follow!) in cyberspace. Their work never ceases to amaze me and taking some time every day to catch up on their projects always reminds me of why I love photography so much. They are inspiring…artistic…creative…brilliant…and I spend every day hoping that I can be even half the photographers that they are.

Following their blogs does, in its own little way, make me feel like I’m sharing in their lives and in turn, I share in both their glorious wedding shoots and the moments that seem to blindside them out of nowhere. That being said, one of the lovely ladies that I follow is going through more right now than many of us will ever endure in our entire lives…and I’m sad for her. Not actually knowing her leaves me feeling frustrated at my inability to do something. So I pray for her and her husband. I pray for their family and their friends. I pray that they can find peace through this challenging time and I pray that God will make his Presence known to them. Most of all; I pray for a full recovery that will enable them to live a long, healthy and happy life together…just like they deserve.

So my fellow bloggers and readers, I ask you to do the same. Please go and visit Jen’s blog (and her husband’s) and show them some love. You’ll drool over her amazing pictures and you’ll be moved by their strength and sense of humour.

Jen Berry…you don’t know us…but we are with you nonetheless…


s_dickter said...

This is incredibly touching. Thank you.

The Internet is an amazing place full of amazing people. This was such a thoughtful post to wake up to. And it gives Jen and I even more strength.

It also qualifies you for Golden Facebook Friend status (if only there was such a thing I could bestow on you!)

Jen Berry said...

we are blown away. not sure what to say, except you make the world a better place and i'm happy to be in it with people like you.