Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{ben & lindsay...}

It’s not every day that I get to spend my morning with five handsome guys dressed in tuxedos by my side…but that is exactly how my day of photographing Ben and Lindsay’s luscious outdoor wedding began; surrounded by dashing young men and lugging my grandmother’s hundred year old chair around a forest! It’s really a tough job…but somebody’s got to do it!!

If there’s ever been a time when I’ve begged and pleaded for Mother Nature’s cooperation, this was it! Ottawa is normally a pretty happy place during this time of year but a spell of cold and dreary weather had been cast upon us and it was conflicting heavily with my philosophy that no beautiful girl in a beautiful dress should ever have to walk in the rain!! Sure enough though, mere hours before their guests arrived, the clouds parted and the heavens poured sunlight down upon Rockcliffe Park for the beautiful moment in which Ben and Lindsay said “I do”.

I’ve often heard it been said that weddings are a dime a dozen; if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. But to see distinction in a wedding is to distinctly see the couple who is a part of it; to see their relationship and their passion, their style and their grace, their past and their future. And if you’re really lucky, a first hand glimpse of just how compassionate Mother Nature can really be!

Ben and Lindsay, it is truly an honour to be able to call you my friends and it is always a priviledge to be a part of your life. While I don't think that any photograph can accurately reflect what amazing people you both are, I do hope that these at least help to reflect what a gorgeous day we all got to be a part of!

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