Thursday, June 25, 2009

{sand road...}

So, what happens when you get a guy who needs new some new pictures done with his guitar, a couple of girls who like to play dress-up and some very photogenic horses? You get a car full of people sporting the best bug spray money can buy…a mandatory stop at Starbucks…and a morning spent down on Sand Road!

Home to the most beautiful rural settings, the most hospitable people {martini anyone?!?!} and the most cooperative of furry friends; Sand Road is definitely one of our region’s best kept secrets. What was meant to be just a morning photo shoot trailed long into the afternoon as we just couldn’t tear ourselves away from it all. But when we finally did pack every thing back into the car and start driving down the dirt road back home, I think that we all left knowing that this photo shoot was leaving us with not only some amazing images, but also some pretty memorable stories created in the name of photography!!

From the horse that wouldn’t flinch at barking dogs or motor vehicles, yet found himself terrified of my grandmother’s wooden chair…to the new four day old furry addition that we got to play with in the pasture. From drinking martinis in the middle of a dirt road to the perfectly timed train that crossed our path! It was definitely a shoot not soon to be forgotten!!

Sand Road {and all those that reside there}…you are one of the few worthwhile reasons for getting up that early on a Saturday morning!!! We love you!


Shawn attracted many of the neighbors when he happily played my camera a tune! Without the busy sounds of the city to drown out all the beautiful music, it felt like his melody could be heard for miles!

Jamie was such a trooper when we experienced an unexpected visit from a passing train!! Seriously...I think that her expression here is absolutely priceless!

Oh little I wish my husband wouldn't object to me bringing you home!!!! I think that you'd get along just swell with my kitty!

To view the slideshow from the rest of this shoot, click here.


Carolyn said...

I don't think the back yard would be big enough for very long! Your photos are wonderful.
Smiles and hugs

Jen Berry said...

that train shot is wicked. crazy how your shutter speed was perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!!!

These are AMAZING. Gen you are amazing!!! I love the music in the slideshow as well, I can see why you said you found the perfect song :)

These are beautiful snapshots of a perfect Saturday :) Thank you! xox Jamie

Michelle C said...

Nice to see pic's from our area. Where we ride. Familiar scenes.
I am gettin' married this Sept. and this gives me a few ideas .... It is what I was thinking, in some aspects. Nice to see! Beautiful!

Lina P. Dorey said...

The slide show represent very well our way of life on Sand Rd. The music complement the slideshow. You take every day sighting and your picture will bring out it's beauty. Thank you for a marvellous job. I am so proud to live on Sand Rd.

Willie R. said...

I viewed the sand road shoot and thought there were many good shots.
the horse shots were very good. The shot that I personally consider that pulled it all together and said out loud, it was a great day and boy are we sorry its over, was the last shot with the girl with her back to the camera and the drink in her hand. To me that shot said it all.
Willie Rumpleforskin.

Chris said...

Gen, Beautiful shots. You really captured the moment.