Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{leaving on a jet plane...}

"All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go..."

But before I do, I'll leave you with the tiniest little sneak peak of
Josh and Courtney's wedding!

"Striking" was the word of the day!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{joe & louisa...}

About a month ago I got to spend the loveliest of evenings with Joe and Louisa, a couple that I know from church, to take their maternity pictures. After having to delay our photo shoot once, we managed to find some time between the rain drops one Monday evening and relish in the excitement of their much anticipated addition to the family.

Joe and Louisa were the first couple that I’ve photographed as “newbies”…my endearing term for those expecting their first child! Doing maternity pictures is always a lot of fun but this was even more fun because both parents just seem to radiate this excitement that can only be seen in those waiting to be parents for the very first time. I had the most amazing evening just listening to them talk about their experience of preparing for this new time in their life and about the type of person that they hope to bring into this world. It’s very sweet being able to watch two people go through this transition together…even if it is only for a couple of hours!! cute are these two?!?!

Too adorable for words!!

And on this note, I can’t think of a better way to finish off this post than to announce that Joe and Louisa’s daughter made her first appearance into the world yesterday! Baby Bethany has finally arrived weighing in at 6 pounds and 15 ounces…!

Congratulations Joe and Louisa and welcome to the world Little Lady!

Monday, August 10, 2009

{when in rome...}

Well, I did it! I finished my last shoot of the summer this past Friday and it was lovely! I couldn’t possibly have thought of a better way to finish off my summer season than by being present to photograph Josh and Courtney’s wedding at Lago Restaurant. Between the amazing weather, the incredible view and the unbelievable food, the wedding was almost as spectacular as the bride…almost, but not quite!

Since March, when this crazy little idea of taking pictures first came into being, I have done nineteen photo shoots for every one from toddlers to neighborhood horses! Not bad for my “newly incorporated” self (as my sister-in-law would say!)!! But now it’s time for a break …a little breather from all the excitement! I have six more shoots scheduled for September and October (two of them being weddings) but for right now, my sights are on Italy for a much needed adventure!

I have to admit that I’m not very good at pacing myself all the time. I try really hard and I’ve made the pursuit of balance one of my highest priorities in life but photography seems to be a beast all unto its own! Photography brews excitement and passion and an endless source of energy for me…but nonetheless, it has now been six months of taking pictures, editing pictures, attending classes, creating websites, writing business plans and not to mention…tending to the rest of life; the life that existed before this came into being and a life that also includes an entirely separate full-time job! So, in the name of not falling of the edge, it’s time to take a little step back from it all and enjoy life the Italian way!

Aside from the many splendors that is Italy, I’m most looking forward to ten uninterrupted days with my husband! He has been an unbelievable support throughout this whole journey and the most amazing “business manager”. He wanted my dream to come true so badly that in part, it became his own…and I love him to death for it. While I may be the one behind the camera, this would never have become the success that it is without him. I’m looking forward to getting up when we feel like it and going to sleep when we feel like it. I’m looking forward to leaving our computers behind and having a steady diet of gelato. I’m looking forward to the plane ride with nothing to do but read and catch up on the latest movies. I’m looking forward to seeing a Bernini sculpture in the street instead of in a Gallery. And I’m looking forward to just chatting with my husband and holding his hand. It’s been a crazy and hectic year for both of us and while we’ve been really good at always finding time for each other in the midst of it all, this will be a well earned indulgence for both of us.

So, while my latest couple is off on their honeymoon, I will delightfully be editing the pictures from their big day in time for when they get back. And just as they are returning to start their new life together, we will be heading off to celebrate a new milestone in ours!

Ah…La vita รจ bella...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

{courtney & josh: engagement...}

Blind dates…I have a hard time deciding what I think about them. On the one hand, they are completely agonizing; as if first dates aren’t gut wrenching enough all on their own without adding the “blind” factor into them. But, on the other hand, my husband is essentially the result of a blind date so who am I to complain given how nicely that worked out for me?!?! So I guess that leaves my views of blind dating much like my views of any other kind of dating…it’s really hit or miss! Or as Carrie Bradshaw so eloquently puts it; “the only reason people still endure the potential misery of a first date is for the potential magic of a first kiss!” Amen!

Anytime I get a new client that I’ve never met before, I feel somewhat like I’m preparing for a blind date; We’ve chatted a bit - either by phone or by email – we decide to finally meet and sure enough, it takes more time than usual to pick out an outfit! Then of course, there is the inevitable waiting to see if the first date warrants a second date or better yet…a date with camera in hand! It’s all very romantic and lucky for me…I’ve always had exceptional taste when it comes to dating!

When I first made plans to meet up with Josh and Courtney, we decided on a Starbucks near their house. I told them to look for the girl with dark hair that was tied back who was working on her laptop. I didn’t realize that there would be more than one of us who could fit the bill but really, what blind date would be complete without a slightly awkward introduction?!? But we endured! We talked about their upcoming wedding, their families, what kind of pictures they would like and before long…I was hooked! That’s right…full on head over heels! Maybe it was their charm, their signature smiles or the adorable way that they looked at each other, but whatever it was…if they could find a way to bottle it, they’d make a fortune (and I’d be the first in line!!!!)!

Josh and Courtney are an exceptionally awesome couple! They are the potential magic that make the potential misery worth enduring! They not only make my job easy…but they make my job fun and when I met up with them at the National Gallery of Canada to do their engagement pictures, it definitely ranked up there as one of the best second dates ever!!!

As I was going through their pictures afterwards I kept thinking to myself, “Wow…I can’t believe that I get to photograph these two on their wedding day” and then just moments later…the panic set in…

Oh my gosh…what am I going to wear?!?!

Josh and Courtney, thanks for giving me butterflies! I can’t wait to see you again in a few days for what will undoubtedly be a date to remember!!


Josh and Courtney actually got engaged right here, at this very spot!!


This picture makes me smile every time I look at it...they are just so much fun!!

To see the rest of their engagement shoot, click here.