Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{sister for hire...}

After having spent a fun filled long weekend with family, my husband and I found our selves sharing stories about respective Easter memories as children. For me, Easter has never been anything but lovely. My Mother was always a huge fan of holidays and Easter was certainly no exception; she would come up with the most wonderful scavenger hunts and I would be in a constant frenzy around the house uncovering one treasure after another. All in all, the Easter Bunny rocked my world!

After having spoken to my husband though, I have come to discover that this was not the case in every household; it appears that if you had siblings, Easter was a chaotic stampede in search of hidden chocolate that may or may not have left bodily harm in its midst. Frankly, this came as a bit of a surprise to me!!

Perhaps I should clarify here that I am, indeed, an only child...a fairly rare breed of offspring these days! I get asked quite often what it’s like not to have any brothers or sisters as most people have a hard time being able to fathom the idea. Now that I’m at an age when a lot of my friends are either having or contemplating the idea of having children, the question seems to come up a bit more than usual. As people consider whether or not to expand their own families, I seem to offer a perspective that isn’t easily found.

In all honesty, I don’t remember life as an only child being any different than those of my sibling accompanied friends. My experiences and life lessons came from elsewhere and in so many ways, I developed relationships were that were very similar to those shared between siblings. Of course, I never had to share a bedroom or suffer from Easter morning injuries, but sharing is sharing and rivalry is rivalry regardless of how you learned it.

Since getting married, I’ve actually inherited quite a few siblings; I am one of eight “children” now, which has more than made up for my lack of hair pulling in my younger days! I am also the baby of the family now which leaves me being the consummate little sister of the bunch and no one left to pass all of my wisdom to! That is, until two years ago…when I met Jamie!

Jamie and I spend two days a week together over looking the Ottawa River and during that time, she has definitely become the surrogate little sister in my life! Adorable, youthful, ambitious…Jamie is at that fantastic time in her life that is full of new experiences and possibilities. Every now and then, she’ll pick my brain about boys, roommates and careers, and in turn, she lets me live vicariously through her twenty-something adventures! We laugh…we vent…we have constant coffee dates and more times than not, our days end in a sugar induced coma of some kind!

While Jamie has always been an amazing “little sister”…she has raised the bar of sibling support in recent months. As this photographic project has come together, she has been there every step of the way…from its earliest conception to likely reading these very words. She has listened to me express every ounce of self-doubt…she has endured countless hours of excitement when a great moment has been captured…she is the brains and creativity behind the sexy pink design at the top of the page and she has, of course, put up with me following her around with a telephoto lens in her face!! Needless to say that she’s been a really great sport about it all!!

Since my camera can’t seem to get enough of Jamie, I have no doubt that you’ll be seeing a lot of her up here in posts to come but for now, I wanted to share a couple that she let me steal of her in the meantime. These pictures are actually some of my absolute favourite that I’ve taken so far. They were just so awesome right out of the camera. Or rather, she was so awesome in front of the camera. Either way…I just love these pictures; I think they are dramatic, beautiful and alluring…just like my little sister!

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