Monday, April 20, 2009

{ray of light...}

Many years ago, I was having an especially crappy day at work. It was the kind of day in which I should never really have gotten out of bed in the first place but against my better judgment…I did!

After about five hours of a day that was beginning to feel much like having survived a severe gang beating, my good friend Joanne insisted that a breath of fresh air was a necessity! So off we went for a stroll through one of our city’s most beautiful neighborhoods and as we were standing on the corner waiting to cross the street, an Ottawa cab tore through the intersection, right through a giant puddle and sure enough, Joanne and I were soon engulfed with a tidal wave of murky rain water.

As I stood there horrified at the chain of events my day was perpetually taking, Joanne took one look at me, drenched head to toe, and said “Gen…this is God’s way of telling you not to be in a bad mood!” The sentence was barely out of her mouth before the two of us were in stitches laughing. It was the kind of uncontrollable laughter that causes stomach pains and need for a respirator! I’m quite sure that everyone around us thought that we should be admitted to an asylum but I have to say…I certainly wasn’t in a bad mood anymore!

Not long after that, a similar day was unraveling when the two of us found ourselves standing outside waiting for our ride when the skies opened up and unleashed its rage upon us. She looked at me with the utmost of interrogative eyes and said “Gen…what have I told you about this?!?!” I burst out laughing almost instantaneously as neither one of us even bothered to search for cover. It’s truthfully one of my favourite memories.

And this has continued to be the story of my beautiful Joanne…she (and God!) bring sunshine to my life…even in the pouring rain! We spend most of our time laughing hysterically and getting caught in torrential showers…and I simply can’t be in a bad mood around her.

Would you be able to with a smile like hers around…?!?!

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