Sunday, July 19, 2009

{twinkle twinkle birthday star...}

Dare I say the words…"I am thirty-one now"! Yikes!

Last year, for months leading up to my birthday, I would have dreams about losing my teeth. Once I took a moment to look it up, I discovered that such dreams are in reference to having anxieties about getting older. The subconscious has an interesting sense of humour!

I seemed more willing to “cross over” this year than I was last. In fact, in a lot of ways, I was rather looking forward to turning the page into an older and so I’m told, wiser year. Being thirty was a challenging year for me. At times I may even have been willing to say that it was among my hardest years so far. I found myself tested in ways that I had never been before; my health (both mental and physical), my faith, my relationships, my sanity…they all took a fairly unpredictable trip on this ride we laughingly call life.

As my husband and I discussed the trials of the my first year in the “Triple XXX”, we were reminded of how even among the darkest of times…God is good. I say this because not only have I come out on the other side (and fairly unwounded!) but in the midst of it all…I found this; these pictures, these words, this site, this passion, these people. Hidden among all the dark shadows that followed me around, there was this bright light brewing that I wasn’t even aware of.

Back in February, when this tiny little seed of an idea to pursue photography got planted into my head, my husband and I mentioned how perhaps by mid-July it would be fun to have a blog up and running about my photos…and then maybe, one day, we could actually have an entire website. Our eyes glistened with far off possibility at the thought! But low and behold, God had other plans…faster plans! And here we are, not only having a shiny new website to show you…but also with an entire summer booked with photo shoots and inquiries rolling in for next year already. During one of the darkest years of my life, this has become one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. Perhaps God knew all along!

So without further ado, and thanks to the most amazing, the most supportive and the most devastatingly handsome man I’ve ever known…ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to welcome you to the new and completely fabulous home of fifteen:fifteen-one photography…

Click here to take the grand tour of our new digs! Enjoy!

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