Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{there's no place like home...}

So I didn’t have to click my ruby slippers because Northwest Airlines brought us safely home, but it sure was lovely to see the Ottawa skyline as we approached in the dead of the night. It seems that no matter where I go in the world…how long I’ve gone or how much fun I’ve had…the very best part is always coming home. There truly is no place like home.

I had the intention of posting as soon as we returned from Italy but instead, I just found myself relishing in the pleasure of having returned; I would spend leisurely mornings at Starbucks, browse the bookstore for new reading material, catching up with friends, providing much love to our fur ball and just settling back into our routine. It seems that while we were away, autumn has descended upon the nation’s capital and there is a lovely energy that has invaded our city as all the students return and big yellow school buses fill our streets again.

The enjoyment of returning home aside, I certainly shouldn’t neglect to mention that Italy was incredible! In fact, it was better than incredible; it was all I imagined it would be and it has left a magical impression on me that very well may spoil every day life forever! We walked among the cobblestone streets until our feet ached, stared at beautiful fountains until our eyes were crossed and somehow, never got tired of it.

I was left though with one very puzzling question that I have yet to figure out…how on earth do Italian women look so darn amazing in that wretched heat?!?! For all of the ways in which Italy and I got along, I certainly stood out as a foreigner amongst their luscious women. Despite the forty degree heat that we endured every day of our visit, Italian women would stroll through the streets with their flowing hair, their strappy sandals, their beautifully tanned skin and all the while…simply oozing sex appeal. Me, on the other hand…not so much! I spent my time in shorts and a t-shirt, sweating profusely and dragging my butt around while my rapidly melting gelato dripped all over the place! Please allow me to be the first to say that I was hardly the essence of grace!!!

Nonetheless…we rocked Italy! We showed the country just how much gelato the Smyths can really consume and while much of it may have ended up spilling down the front of my shirt…it was well worth every mad attempt!

Photos to follow very shortly...!!!

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