Friday, September 4, 2009


How do I put this gently? I SUCK! That’s right…you heard it here first; I’m the suckiest suck that ever sucked!!!! I vowed that I when I returned from vacation I would proceed to be my usual wonderful blogging self and of course, that hasn’t happened! I seriously bow my head in shame!

But do allow me to explain {or at least try make up something that resembles explaining!}; I most definitely assumed that when I returned from Italy, I would be rested and rejuvenated…ready to dive into all that awaited us for September. As it turns out, my body feels exactly that; fully rested and rejuvenated…and apparently it doesn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize that in any way! Long story short, my body has apparently gone on strike from all things that seem to fall under “other related duties”!! Even coming in to work every day mildly felt like I was crossing the picket lines!

I have spent close to two weeks sleeping twelve hours a night, taking naps during the day, reading my books by the pool and for all the moments in between, eating delicious Italian food and admiring amazing Roman architecture. Really, can you blame my pampered self for rebelling?!?! So, all of this to say that my first week back has been a bit harder than I anticipated. Going back to work for eight hours a day, five days a week just feels so counter-intuitive all of the sudden…like trying to leap into a raging fire!! “Why?” my body is asking. “Why must you play with emotions like this?” it whimpered as I dragged it in for yet another early morning at the office. It was all so sad!

So all of this whining has forced me to really try and ease myself in slowly so that the shock to the system is a little bit less traumatic!! This, my friends, leads me to my lack of blogging presence over the past week. Pitiful, I know! But I blame Italy and why shouldn’t I…it’s the one that infused me with delicious pasta and afternoon naps!

I can’t quite report on how long this state of “real life denial” is planning to stick around for but hopefully, the two sides will soon be able to negotiate an agreement that happily allows blogging to be put back on the table! After all, there’s tons to catch up on; Courtney and Josh’s wedding, the catalogue that I’m shooting this weekend, Caroline and Brent’s wedding next weekend and of course, the lovely Italia…oh how love thee…let me count the ways…

{aaannnnd…we’re back to the picket lines…!!!!}

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