Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{courtney & josh: wedding...}

Lovely! That's exactly how everything about Josh and Courtney's wedding turn out...lovely! From the amazing weather to the beautiful venue, from the super fun wedding party to the devastatingly striking couple...everything just oozed loveliness!

I always love seeing how couples like their wedding day to play out. They are all so unique and lend various moods to the day. Josh and Courtney opted to see each other before hand and to spend a few hours with the wedding party before their sunset ceremony in the Vista Room at Lago Restaurant. I have to say...it rocked! We soaked up the sun in the Arboretum before heading for dinner (which, might I add, may have been one of the very best steaks I've ever had!). Then it was time to prepare for their beautiful ceremony before rocking the night away!

Thanks Josh and Courts for all the fun in the sun...my camera and I adore you!!!


This was such a sweet moment between Courtney and her Dad (who I'm also a huge fan of!) when she first arrived...

I don't usually include too many family pictures on the blog...but this was too good to resist!!

Courtney, you are oh.so.gorgeous.

This shot made me so happy when it popped up on my computer screen! I had been teasing Courtney and asking her to give me her very fiercest of looks! This is what proceeded...

Holy Handsome Batman!

Hee hee...

I was in elle oh vee eeh with their ring shot!!!

To see Josh and Courtney's slideshow, click here.


Ottawa Photographer said...


You've done a wonderful job with this wedding.

The Bride and Groom will be thrilled with their wedding album.


Fiona@A Matter of Wedding Photography said...

Gorgeous. Really love them. The colours just jump out at you.