Sunday, October 25, 2009

{cynthia & dan: engagement...}

My husband proposed to me on a Wednesday! This came as a surprise to many people because apparently, nobody gets engaged on a Wednesday! Who knew?!?! It was perfect though because my husband is in no way conventional. In fact, he proposed at our apartment one day after work with flowers and dinner and it couldn’t have been more romantic…or more us.

Being engaged was such a fun time for us because for the thirteen months leading up to our wedding, we got to not only plan a really fun party, but we got to take the time to really decide what kind of style and ceremony best defines us as a couple. It’s not always as easy at it sounds! Being engaged is really the beginning of an amazing story…an amazing time in a couple’s life where they start being one even before the big day officially declares it. I think that’s why I love doing engagement pictures so much…they always tell so much about the couple getting married and their story up until that point!

Dan and Cynthia have the most incredible story of survival, commitment and devotion. It’s also a story best told by them. They’ve endured more in their time together than most of us will have to endure in a lifetime together and all the while…they do nothing but smile! It really is just the best love story!

They are getting married this coming weekend on Halloween night and I am honoured to be able to be there to capture the evening. Before the big party though, there is of course, the engagement! Cynthia works with animals all day long and wanted to have their pictures taken with some of her furry friends!

So without further ado…please meet Cynthia and Dan…and King, the oh so photogenic Clydesdale!


donny said...

My wife & I loved the pics you have taken. Our daughter & son-in-law(we usually leave out the 'in-law' part but sometimes it confuses people)are the photographers who took Wes's pics(that's how we discovered your blog). You are gifted...keep using that gift...wish we had photographers like some of you today back in our days :-)

{15:51} photography said...

Thank you so much Donny...that is so sweet and has totally made my day!!!