Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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I remember the first time that I ever photographed a wedding how intimidated I felt by the intimacy of it all. I remember feeling as though I should be looking away and not pointing my camera at all of the very private and personal moments that were taking place; the smiles, the tears, the eternal gazes. Even while going through the pictures afterwards, I remember feeling somewhat as though I just intruded on something that I shouldn’t have been privy to, despite my invitation to be front and center during the entire moment.

I have to come to cherish these moments because that’s essentially what it is; a trusted invitation to bear witness to it all and to somehow capture the fleeting moments that pass us by all too quickly.

Anytime I leave a wedding, I realize just how much there is to learn about someone because of that single day; their style, their faith, their devotion, their relationships, their organizational skills!! So much gets said about a couple besides the words that are actually being spoken and frankly, it’s a gift to be there. It’s entirely a blessing to be there during any course of these moments; the engagement, the wedding, the anticipation of a child, the family pictures long after its grown or even the celebration of individuality between a single person and my camera. What a blessing it all is!

Below are some images of my latest bride…my newest friend…and one of my more recent blessings. I learned a lot over the course of preparing for Caroline and Brent’s wedding and most of all, I learned that it’s all the moments in between that are the most precious; it was sitting with her over lunch and discovering about her life outside of her wedding; it was giving her a hug outside of the church because I was so happy for my new friend’s amazing day; it was patiently waiting for her to come home from her honeymoon, not so I could give her all of her pictures, but so I could see the smile on her face from having spent two weeks relishing in her new life. It’s about being so wildly excited for her future and all that there is to come…and all because she needed a wedding photographer!


The lovely Caroline getting ready on her big day...

Brent and his men having a last single guy's drink...

Oh, the anticipation...

This is Caroline's parent's property where her and both of her sisters celebrated their wedding. It was a photographer's dream!

Ahh...yeah! Too cute for words!

To see Brent and Caroline's slideshow, click here.

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