Friday, May 15, 2009

{geoff & samantha...}

The first time that Samantha and I had talked about getting pictures done was quite a few months back, when Ottawa was still covered in snow and the cold winter air was still blowing through. She was hoping to get pictures done with her boyfriend Geoff and I, of course, was happy to oblige! The problem though was that Geoff lives in Toronto and trying to coordinate his trips to Ottawa with my availability was proving to be a challenge! That's why I was extra pleased late last week when I received the magic words..."he's coming to town!"

While we had planned a wonderful sunset photoshoot for Saturday evening, Mother Nature had different plans and her plans included rain. So.Much.Rain. It rained so much in fact, that not only did we need to reschedule the shoot for Sunday but we also had to pick a new location because our original site became flooded. It became quite evident though when I awoke on Sunday morning that having a location was going to be the very least of our worries because {you guessed it} it was still raining!!

By now, Geoff's departure time for Toronto was fast approaching and we were starting to get a bit concerned that we were going to miss our tiny window of opportunity when photographer and subjects happen to be in the same place at the same time. Sure enough though, by late morning, while the clouds didn't want to budge an inch, the rain did let up enough for me to hop in my car and kidnap them to a location that I happen to have spotted on my way to meet them; an old iron bridge in a residental area not far from downtown Ottawa. We ended up feeling pretty fortunate to have managed a good hour of shooting before Geoff needed to pack his bags and head back home again!

I'll admit, I was pretty disappointed initially at the change of plans because with the gorgeous, warm weather we've been having lately, our original site would have been dynamite but after having finished their pictures...I just can't imagine them any other way.

This next picture just makes me smile because I was pretty convinced that Geoff just thought I was completely crazy for constantly asking them to stand in the middle of the road! I snapped this shot just after he looked over his shoulder yet again for traffic and I gave him one of those "I promise I won't let you become road kill" sort of looks! Sam thought the whole situation was pretty funny!!

I think that Samantha looks amazing in this picture! I think that it reflects her personality a lot which is very strong and powerful, yet completely striking all at the same time.

I was so excited to have captured this next shot because poor Geoff was so cold by the end of the shoot because he didn't want to wear his coat during the pictures and the mercury had managed to drop well below normal temperatures for this time of year {even for Ottawa!}. I was switching my lens when I turned around and found Samantha doing her very best to keep him warm! sweet is that?!?!

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