Sunday, February 21, 2010

{the making of a nursery...}

I was never one of those kids that had to clean their room when they were little. I never had to clean it because I never let it get messy. While most of my friends had their weekly chore of having to pick up all of their clothes off the floor, I was actually quite the opposite; I was almost obsessive about my room. Everything had its place and its home and any change to that assigned space ended up being quite upsetting to me.

We moved a lot when I was young and I think that having my room the same and "in order" was my way of maintaining a sense of stability regardless of where we lived. It never failed; each time we moved, I would stay up as long as necessary to make my room appear as though I had never slept anywhere else. I would paint, I would organize, I would put pictures on the wall; despite our change of address, I had a way of making it the only room that I had ever known.

Even now, the necessity has never really left me.

When Steve and I moved into our new house two years ago, the very first thing we did after having moved all of our stuff was to paint and set up our bedroom. We were experiencing three entire floors of change and we felt that, at the very least, sleeping in "familiar territory" would make the transition, albeit an exciting one, a bit easier on the soul.

So it seems needless to say that creating a room for our son became a process of great thought for the two of us. I've known couples who have had this space completely prepared five months into their pregnancy. We were not one of those couples! In fact, until last weekend, we hardly had any furniture in his room whatsoever. We actually spent months with the room completely empty so that we could try to get an image in our minds of our little man's space. It's not a big space but it's still his space...and we both believe that everyone needs a little corner to call their own!

At long last, the room is coming together. I'm sure that much like the rest of our house, it will continually be a work in progress, but at least it can now accommodate a human being if need be (which is a good thing given that we're less than two weeks away from d-day!)! With the help of all of our amazing friends and family (who have proven to already love our little boy dearly), we have begun to prepare for the "un-preparable"!!


My Father-in-law makes the most beautiful furniture and it's been a tradition in the Smyth family for each new "Li'l Smytty" to have his or her own Smyth crib. I was in love!

I'm convinced that bath toys alone are a great reason to have children!!!!

We heart Baby Gap and Aunt Jamie for her adorable taste!!!

The other beautiful creation by my Father-in-law...

It took us nearly five months to find a glider for his room! But it's seriously the most comfortable thing that I've ever sat in (and I'm sure that we'll spend many a night parked right there!!!)

The teddy bear (lovingly named Myron!) was a gift from Steve at 20 weeks...

We hope to see you soon Baby Boy!!
And we hope that the gorgeous paint colour we chose radiates many sleep filled nights!!
*wink wink*


Mom to the 6th said...

LOL I remember your many collections, mostly your pencil one, but all had its own perfect little spot on your desk or shelf.

BTW your father-in-law does some amazing work.

I can't wait to see pics of your lil man, praying for all of you.

Paige said...

I am so glad to see your joy throughout this pregnancy and I can hardly wait to see the beautiful pictures of your little guy! (I see you follow 6:8 photography -- Duane is a cousin of mine by marriage -- I am a huge fan too!)

Jen Berry said...

soooo adorable. how fun. how exciting. love the photos.